Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here is my experience with StubHub

I reviewed tickets for sale on StubHub for a concert. I selected some that were described to be in a certain section of the venue that was different than was shown on the ticket. The ticket seller noted that the labeling of the section was incorrect on the venue's website. I confirmed that what the seller was describing was correct by using StubHub's venue maps.

When we attended the concert the section at the venue was different than was described by the seller and by StubHub's maps. I called StubHub the very next business day and logged a complaint however, they said there was nothing they could do since I did not call the night of the concert.

Though I explained that the issue was not with the venue but rather their representation they did not care. I contacted StubHub a second time and was told that they had no record of my initial call and that their operators are under strict instruction to log the calls so therefore I never called as far as they were concerned.

I finally contacted the consumer affairs department of my county commissioner who intervened and finally StubHub refunded half the cost of the tickets which was my original request. I will never use StubHub again because they do not verify the seller'sclaims and do not protect you in the event the claims are false.

Chuck M.

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